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Hotel Djerdap, Kladovo
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Hotel Djerdap, Kladovo
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 Hotel Djerdap, Kladovo  
Hotel Djerdap is located in the center of Kladovo, on the banks of the Danube and offers 330 beds in single and double rooms (six suites). The two major restorantske sale (750cc total) are very attractive for organization of congresses and seminars and special events, celebrations and gatherings.

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Congresses, seminars, presentations

"Golden Hall" (air conditioned 450cca and 700 square meters) has been completely renovated in 2008. Panoramic views of the river and Romania on the other bank, and two pyramidal skylight in roof construction, are only part of the original atmosphere, very pleasant to organize all kinds of business events with supporting infrastructure.

"Blue Room" with 300 seats and a small conference room with 50 seats, are air-conditioned and have a high degree of modification of dedicated space, the exhibition and multimedia lectures. Equip them, in agreement with you, LCD projector, sound system, or system for simultaneous translation. Video recording of events in the mini DV format, or transfer kamera-monitor/screen.
Hall "Cultural Center" near the hotel (70 meters) capacity of 360 seats, equipped with the latest audio-video system (JBL-CROWN with 32 units of sound woofer satellites) and payment for the projection area of 35 square metara. The building's exhibition space and bar.

The guests also have the catamaran-melancholic ship "Djerdap" with kitchen, bar, luxurious lounge and restaurant with 40 seats and 120 seats in natkrivenoj deck, which is ideal to organize cocktail receptions and presentations. Unique in its purpose and equipment, in the evening on their own consent under the hotel serves as a boat-restaurant.

Excursions, tours, free time

Sailing boat

In jednosatnoj walking boat is a panoramic look Kladovo Fetislam Turkish fortress, the Romanian town of Turn-Severin, the remains of Trajan's bridge and reconstructed fort Ada-Kale in the Romanian imijan island.
Hydropower and navigation system "Djerdap I"

Imposing structure, the fifth largest in the world since 1972. when it is open for visits, recorded more than a million visitors. Distance 9km from Kladovo. The time required for the tour - 60 minutes.


Summer residence of Emperor Trajan, the Roman and early Byzantine fortress and an active archeological site. Distance 7km from Kladovo. The time required for the tour 45 minutes.

Water activities

Location of the hotel, close to the marina, the hotel's own dock and the ideal conditions provided by the Danube are suitable for training and competition organization of all water sports. Marina is well suited for smaller vessels (boats, speedboats, sailboats and small yachts) and protected by a high breakwater to prevent excessive ripple in the case of a strong storm. City beach with infrastructure (bars, showers, sports facilities ...) is located at 80 meters from the hotel and can accommodate about 1,000 people.
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